About Me

Eiffel Tower

I was born in Indiana and raised in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Since then I have lived all over the United States and Western Europe including cities in Florida, Colorado, Washington State, France, The UK and Sweden.

I wrote my first computer program (a game written in Atari Basic) when I was 10. After that I was hooked. I had my own BBS running at 14 and nearly died of excitement when the world wide web was born in 1992.

Over the years I have sought to master a lot of different technical skills. I am a Microsoft Certified Professional, a Zend Certified Engineer, a Linux Certified Professional, and an Oracle Certified Professional.

On the academic side, I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in European Cultural Studies from the American University of Paris and a Master of Science degree in Electronic Publishing from City University in London.

Please see my CV for more details.